Whales of the Silver Bank - Your Destination

humpback whalesLocated about 90 km north of the Dominican Republic, the Silver Bank is one of the few breeding and calving zones of the North Atlantic Humpback Whale. Declared a whale sanctuary in 1986 by then President Joaquin Balagaer (and later enlarged and renamed the “Sanctuary for the Marine Mammals of the Dominican Republic”), the Silver Bank and surrounds yearly play host to thousands of migrating North Atlantic Humpback Whales. In 2005, NOAA researchers aboard the R/V Gordon Gunther conducted an extensive population count in the region, and the results (encompassing a six-week period and twelve-mile circumference) indicate that between 5000-7000 humpbacks pass through this oddly shaped, forty square mile sanctuary each winter. Indeed, research indicates that the Silver Bank contains the largest seasonal population of humpbacks in the North Atlantic Ocean, if not the world.


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