Whales of the Silver Bank - Schedule/Availability

Aquatic Adventures attempts to keep it’s schedule accurate at all times, as spaces fill or become available throughout the year. Please do contact us with all dates that you're interested in experiencing the Silver Bank. Even if the schedule shows "sold out,” we may still be able to eventually accommodate you.

Please keep in mind that anytime throughout the season is an excellent time to experience the Silver Bank. Humpback whales start to arrive in the Dominican Republic in December and leave at the end of April. There are plenty of whales anytime throughout the season, and we have the expertise to find and work whales regardless of when you visit. Reserving your space now for the 2018 season assures you of the week of your choice and the opportunity to visit the Silver Bank with the most experienced whale watching team in the area.

It is extremely important that you arrive on the departure day from the Silver Bank NO LATER then 7PM. We are unable to wait for delayed luggage or participants. We highly suggest arriving at least one day early to assure you are able to board the vessel on time. For assistance in choosing a hotel for an early arrival, or for an extended stay, please CLICK HERE.


Join the Aquatic Adventures Team on their 27th year on the Silver Bank!


2017-27th year!
January 21 - January 28 (sold out)
January 28 - February 04

(sold out)

February 04 - February 11 (sold out)
February 11 - February 18 ext. (sold out)
February 18 - February 25 (sold out)
February 25 - March 04 (sold out)
March 04 - March 11 (sold out)
March 11 - March 18 (sold out)
March 18 - March 25 (sold out)
March 25 - April 01 (sold out)
April 01 - April 08 (2 spaces)



Join the Aquatic Adventures Team on their 28th year on the Silver Bank!


2018-28th year!
January 27 - February 03

(space available)

February 03 - February 10 (sold out)
February 10 - February 17. (2 spaces)
February 17 - February 24 ext (2 spaces)
February 24 - March 03 (reserved)
March 03 - March 10 (reserved)
March 10 - March 17 (6 spaces)
March 17 - March 24 (sold out)
March 24 - March 31 (10 spaces)
March 31 - April 07 (space available)
April 07 - April 13 (space available)


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