Whales of the Silver Bank - SWATH

humpback whalesThe Nekton Rorqual utilize a unique Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) design technology to provide you with the smoothest ride unlike any other live-aboards. Why is a SWATH vessel so stable? The key is the two submarine-like pontoons (pictured above) that can ride completely submerged beneath the surface of the water (unlike a catamaran where the pontoons only ride on the surface of the water). When the ocean is rough, the water is calmer just a few feet below the choppy surface, that's precisely where the pontoons which provide the buoyancy for SWATH are located, hence the submerged pontoons act as stabilizers giving you the feeling you're on a vessel more than eight times its size!

Ballast tanks in the pontoons can be flooded with seawater and pumped out by huge pumps in very short notice. Ballasting up (catamaran mode) allows for shallow water harborage (1.8 meters/6 feet) and maximum speed. Ballasting down (SWATH mode) provides for maximum stability. The entire dive platform raises and lowers via hydraulic lifts making for easy access to and from the water


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